Airport Services

Fuel Sales (Full-Serve)

Fuel Type available: Price
Jet-A: NA
100LL: 5.99
*Prices subject to change without notice.

Aviation Oil Sales

Fuel Type available: Price
Aeroshell 100 (Ashless): $7.00/qt.
Aeroshell 100 (Mineral): $6.50/qt.
Aeroshell 80 (Ashless): $7.00/qt.
Aeroshell 80 (Mineral): $6.50/qt.
Aeroshell (15W50): $7.50/qt.
Exxon Mobile Elite 20W50 Ashless: $8.50/qt.

Hanger Rental (New T-Hangar)

New Hangar Rental Price
Unit #8 $200/month
(Hangar rental for large blue community hangar is no longer available)

Aircraft Wash

Type Price
Aircraft Wash (single engine): $55.00
Aircraft Wash (small twin engine) $75.00

Air Plane Maintenance @ Ortner Airport

AirCare, LLC – Professional Aircraft Maintenance
Annuals, Major Repairs and Alterations
Thomas E Cullen, I.A.
9620 State Route 60
Wakeman, OH  44889
Cell:  419/706-9904

Flight School (Coming Soon)

Plane Type Price
DA-20: $ /Person

Private Pilot License Training (Coming Soon)

Plane Type Price


Ortner Airport does not have a courtesy car available on-site.